Delivery and collection

* Delivery times are subject to change across UK holidays such as Christmas and Bank Holidays.

* Delivery times cannot be guaranteed, extenuating circumstances such as adverse weather, road traffic accidents and technical difficulties can cause delays. We recommend if your order is time sensitive to place the order with a time buffer in place to account for any potential delays.

* All delivery times are subject to receiving your confirmed print ready artwork from you. It is in our best practise to review the artwork before printing and if our printers believe there is an issue with the artwork they will attempt to contact you which can occasionally cause delays. 

* Due to the nature of some printed items a longer lead time will be advised. Please see the specific product page for more details - or call us  if you need any further information or help with your printing.

* We use several different couriers so the services may vary between them. This includes delivery windows, tracking link availability, options to amend delivery details etc.